69045- Modern Homes Adjustable Nylon Chair

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This executive chair features a nylon fiberglass frame with adjustable headrest, 6 position adjustable PU armrest, high density molded foam seat with PP cover and black cushion. This office chair can be adjusted for height, back and lean to ensure the most comfortable and healthy sitting position, which eliminates oncoming shoulder fatigue. This office chair comes in an elegant matte black finish with an aluminum base and PU wheels that roll smoothly across all surfaces. 

  • High-end mesh material               
  • Nylon fiberglass frame with adjustable headrest               
  • 6 Position adjustable PU armrest              
  • High density molded foam seat with PP cover                                 
  • Adjustable seat and back positions and adjustable height mechanism      
  • 13” aluminum base
  • 2.4” black PU wheels
  • 300Lbs capacity