68-297- Kawhi Leonard 8x10 and Plate Framed Raptors Game 7 Basket Crouched

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On May 12th, 2019 Kawhi Leonard hit a miraculous jump shot as time expired at the end of regulation to win the series in game 7 of the eastern conference semi-finals vs the Philadelphia 76ers. A shot that many are now calling the greatest moment in Toronto Raptors franchise history. This commemorative frame features an above camera view of Kawhi Leonard crouching on the corner next to the raptors bench, moments after the high-arching shot releases from his hand. The photo draws parallels to Jordan's Game winner from a very similar angle and captures the moment frozen in time. You can see in the crowd all the eyes and faces in the stadium following the flight of the ball as it leaves Kawhi's fingertips. Kawhi stares intensely as he lands and stares and watches the ball hit off the front rim and rise straight up, 3 feet above the rim. Kawhi is now squatting and seemingly trying to will the ball into the net as everyone around him holds their breath, mesmerized.